The Neville Public Museum

Become a Part of Lego Lambeau

Donate today to have your own custom figurine become a part of the world's largest Lambeau Field LEGO model!

Neville Fan Figurines are $100 each and are considered a tax deductible donation to the Neville Public Museum Foundation. 

Figurines come with a number on the back in the order in which they are sold and will be placed in Lego Lambeau in that order.

There is room for a 7-letter nickname of your choice that will be printed on the back above the number.  

There will be a Neville Team Roster with the full names of the people next to their numbers on display in the Neville Public Museum.  

The color of the figurine’s outfits will vary. For a more customized figurine come to the Gift Shop for options to choose from or bring in your own from home!

For more information call Kasha at 920-448-7850 or email her at

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